2018 – Future and Hope

Future and Hope

The 10th Annual Corpus Christi Conference
Prague, Czech Republic
23-27 July 2018

Venue Address: Hotel Olšanka | 

Main Speaker: Rev. Kurt Reinhardt (Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Gowanstown, Ontario)


Come and experience:

  • Solid, biblical teaching by excellent international speakers
  • Rich, liturgical, Christ-centred worship
  • International fellowship with young adults
  • The beautiful city of Prague with rich history and culture

Registration Open Now! (Early Bird Registration ends April 30th)

Early bird conference fee with hotel accommodation before April 30th € 129

Regular conference fee with hotel accommodation after April 30th € 149

This year as part of the 10-year anniversary celebration Corpus Christi has arranged a conference hotel in the heart of Prague. We strongly recommend booking with accommodation, since you will be surrounded by fellow conference attendees. Click on the registration link above for more information!  Note that this year there is still no sleeping in classrooms accommodation as in previous years. Have a question? Contact us at  cc2018.info@gmail.com

A Little Information About the Hotel:

  • Linen, bedding, and towels are provided
  • Rooms are secured, but there are also safes in the room if needed
  • Breakfast is from 7:00 – 10:00
  • The tram station nearest to the hotel is: “Olšanské Square,” and can be reached with the tram 5, 10, 11, 13, 15 or 16
  • Paid parking spaces are available at the hotel. (car 300 czk/day, bus 700 czk/day)
  • Check-in: Monday at noon next to the reception desk at Hotel Olšanka.
  • Reception is open around the clock
  • The currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech Koruna, not the Euro.
  • If you would like to stay overnight either before the conference or after email reservation@hotelolsanka.cz, and include the keyword “Corpus Christi.” You may have to switch rooms on Monday and Friday.
  • Prices for additional nights before or after the conference are as follows: Single room is 42 EUR/night. Double room is 46EUR/night. Family room is 2+1 beds 60 EUR/night and family room is 2+2 beds 77 EUR/night.

In-Depth Sessions:

  1. The Feast to Come (Rev. Jakob Appell)

    What will the feast to come will be like? How does that feast come to us already now in the Lord’s Supper? How does the feast now give hope for the feast to come?

  2. Ostrich in the Sand or a City on a Hill? (Rev. Esko Murto)

    Western culture moves away from Christian belief and morals, even turning hostile towards the faith of their ancestors. How should Christians act in this new situation? Is there a way in which the Church could not only survive, but even flourish in the 21st century? This in-depth session will provide food for thought and an arena for discussion as we ponder on the choices individual Christians face in their everyday lifestyle as well as the challenges and opportunities whole congregations meet in their confession and worship. We will use suggestions made by Rod Dreher in his book “The Benedict Option” as a starting point for our own pondering. Speaker: Pastor Esko Murto (Lutheran Church–Canada)

  3. The End of the World (Rev. Konstantin Subbotin)

    In this in-depth session, we will will look at how eschatology (the doctrine of the end times) is understood in other Christian traditions and in Lutheranism and ponder upon the most popular eschatological ideas of postmodern society: reincarnation, annihilation and so on.

  4. Session for Theologians – Eschatology in the Liturgy (Rev. Eirik-Kornelius Garnes-Lunde and Rev. Tapani Simojoki)

Discussion Groups:

Information about the wide variety of Discussion Groups to follow soon!


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How to get there

From the airport take bus 119 to Wild Skarka, then transfer to the tram line 26 and get off at Olšanské Square. The hotel is directly in front of the tram station.

From the bus and train station take the tram 2, 5, 9, or 26 to Olšanské Square. Walking from the main train or bus station takes about 20 minutes.

Meet the Speaker (Read Rev. Kurt Reinhardt’s full testimony heIMG_0370re)

I was born born 48 years ago in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. I was baptized in the Lutheran Church a month after my birth, and was raised in her confession, being
confirmed in it at the age of 14. I left home to go to University and returned to Ottawa after my wife and I graduated from University to look for work. From early childhood I had repeated thoughts about going to seminary to study to be a pastor.  With a return to Church life in my home congregation these thoughts were revived, and I was finally convicted one day that there was no other direction for my life.

I applied and was accepted to Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary in St. Catharines, Ontario. At the seminary my mind and heart were more fully opened up to the truth of the Gospel and all that it meant for me. Here I also came to appreciate the sacramental life of the Church as the high point of God’s gracious working out of salvation in my life. After four years of study and preparation I received my first call to an old country church in rural Ontario – Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church at Kurtzville. Although I grew up in the city, I have truly enjoyed country life. My wife and I now have 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls) ranging in age from 19 to 9. We tend a large garden behind the parsonage and keep laying hens in the garage beside the house. I have also started an apiary with beehives in the back corner of the Church cemetery. I have learned how to milk a cow (although we don’t have one of our own – yet!), run a chainsaw and split wood.

In March 2017 I suffered a sudden and near fatal stroke that left me with complete left side paralysis. The physical challenges, however, compared little to the challenges of the mind, which occurred when later, in early summer, I was suddenly overcome by a form of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that often follows severe stroke. God in His mercy through the prayers of His people has restored my body and mind while working great wonders in my soul through this time of loving Fatherly discipline.

More on the Plenary Sessions

These questions and more will be addressed during the plenary session:
What are some of the causes of human hope and why does it always fail?
What’s the difference between “I hope?” and “I hope.”
Who alone can turn “I hope?” into “I hope.”
How does my past give me hope of a future?
How does hope of a future give me hope in the present?
How does God use the trials of life to build up genuine hope in me?
Why should all the trouble in the world cause me to get my hopes up?